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"I noticed on the office desk a plaque a USAA plaque that read 98% satisfied; it should have read 100% satisfied. Not only were the repairs done in a "better than new" condition, but a request to have the repairs done a few days early was accomplished so we could make a planned trip."
– Captain Benjamin T. Lake

"Thank you so very much for taking the time today out of your busy schedule to educate myself and the rest of the attendees in the "Improving Insured Satisfaction" class. Not only was it fun, but it was also very informative. It is so nice to see a company like Mike Rose Auto Body reaching out to the community when so many other companies are pulling away. The techniques covered and helpful hints pointed out will be a huge benefit to myself and all of my customers. Thanks again."
– Bryan A. Stornetta, Insurance Agent

“Upon completion of the repairs we were very happy with the results. The attention to detail is amazing and the workmanship is impressive.  We are very happy with the many repairs that went into putting our car back on the road.”
- Daphne Merritt

"Two Thumbs up for James Marshall."
- Eddy Yoenizaf