Frequently Asked Questions

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What to know before having your vehicle repaired:

How to pick a repair facility:

Here are some answers to common questions:

Q: Can you give me a rough estimate over the phone for my car?

A: Vehicles are all manufactured to handle collisions differently. Many times, depending on the severity of the damage, parts can be repaired instead of replaced.  Even the type of paint on your vehicle can drastically change the estimate! Due to these factors, it is imperative to see your vehicle in person, so we can come up with an estimate and plan personalized to your insurance, your vehicle and you.

Q: I have heard that dealing with a DRP(Direct Repair Provider) with insurance companies is easier. Are you one?

A: Yes, we work hand in hand with nearly all major insurance companies and their Direct Repair Programs. This program enables us to be the eyes and ears of the insurance companies – communicating directly with them so you do not have to wait for your vehicle to be inspected by a field adjuster.

Q: Am I allowed to choose the repair shop I want? I have heard I have to go to the shop the insurance company suggests.

A: In February 2003, Senate Bill 551 was passed, a bill that gives the consumer specific rights to receive repairs wherever one chooses. Your insurance company is aware of this and if you’d like a copy you may view and print it by clicking on the following link Senate Bill 551