Benevolence History

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The first year, 2001, Mike’s was proud to give a “new” used car, donated by a private party, to a single mom with 2 children. The day of the presentation, Wayne Freedman from Channel 7 News came to record the presentation and broadcasted the story on the evening news. The Channel 7 News Team has come to every presentation since 2001 to help kick off the Christmas season and help spread the Christmas Spirit. After our first year, the Benevolence Program took off and has become a Mike’s Auto Body Tradition.

We are very proud of our vendors, technicians, and insurance partners who have helped Mike’s throughout the year’s present cars to deserving individuals and organizations. Over the last 11 years, starting in 2001 through 2011, we have been able to present 34 cars to single moms, single grandparents and single dads. Mike’s started the presentations in 2001-2006 at our Concord location and one year in Brentwood. Then in 2007-2009 we held the presentation at our Pittsburg location. Since 2010, the presentations have been held at our Antioch location.