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Each year the collision repair industry, as a whole, comes across cars that are written off by either the owner or the insurance company involved. Often times these are older vehicles that just need some mechanical and body work to get them back to safe condition and on the road. Since there are people that really need vehicles, it made little sense to us to let them go to waste.

Mike Rose’s Auto Body, Inc. has joined with other members of the community along with our insurance partners, to present our Benevolence Program. The Benevolence Program is a community relations program whose mission is to: Present refurbished “new” used cars to deserving individuals or organizations during the holiday season.

What really makes the Benevolence Program so great is the way a community comes together to help their neighbors. Everything that is done to the vehicles is donated by the shop and the community. The body and paint technicians donate their time and talents - the tires, mechanical inspections, parts, paint, the vehicle itself and even 6 months insurance are all donated as well. The Benevolence Program is an excellent example of how a community can come together to really make a difference for an individual.

"We feel very fortunate to be involved with such a wonderful program and are very excited to be able to give back to the community that has supported us for the past 40 years. Being in this business for that long, repairing the vehicles is the easy part, having to decide on a recipient is the part that’s hard. After receiving hundreds of applications over the years and reading the heart breaking stories, we only wish that we could do more. But hopefully with increased publicity of the Benevolence Program other shops will adopt a similar program of their own."
– Mike Rose